Attention: Smart Career Professionals

Breaking Your Career Glass Ceiling

A career coaching and group training program
Led by Linda Cattelan, Executive & Career Coach

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and significantly increase your impact, influence and overall performance...while achieving more success and recognition?

Introducing a comprehensive group training program that gives you ALL the career coaching, mentorship, strategies, tools and resources you need to create and manage a career you can be proud of.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You feel stuck, unable to move forward in your career or industry
  • You've been chugging along in your career with no real career vision, plan or sense of purpose
  • You have a career goal or dream and don't have the belief or confidence to realize it
  • You desire to make a bigger impact and just don't know how
  • You aren't getting the success or recognition you deserve in your career or organization
  • You want to make positive changes or improvements in your career and just don't know how or where to start

So many smart career professionals – who are committed to their personal success – are having a hard time getting the results or recognition they want in their career!

And if this is happening to you, I suspect it's not because you lack the passion, motivation, talent or commitment to make it happen.

Instead, I'll venture to say that the problem is that you lack the know how to make it happen.

That is why I put together this 8 module career mentorship and group training program. The Breaking Your Career Glass Ceiling Program is all-you-need career coaching and group training.

The knowledge, tools, exercises given in each module's coaching and group training calls are priceless to any leader that applies this valuable information.

Here's how you and your career can benefit by enrolling in the Breaking Your Career Glass Ceiling Program:

Create a career vision and plan

Increase accountability for your personal and professional goals

Enhance your confidence and your ability to take action

Avoid the mistakes many smart career professionals make

Be a super star in your career and in life

Make a bigger impact in your career and your organization

Experience forward progress as you go from "good ideas" to sustainable action

Multiply your effectiveness to get quicker, better results

Get expert coaching and mentoring

Your Career Coach and Mentor: Linda Cattelan

Linda Cattelan is an Executive & Career Coach. Linda shares more than 25 years of corporate experience, much at the executive level working for some of the largest financial institutions in North America where she progressed into increasingly senior level roles.

Over the past 8 years she has worked with thousands of smart career professionals (both one on one and in groups) and is recognized as a career expert in the field of professional coaching and mentoring. A supremely disciplined and strategic catalyst for change, Linda has a superior track record coaching and mentoring individuals and teams to consistently achieve outstanding results.

Holding a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business, Linda is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Linda is a regular guest of radio and TV, has provided content and editorial support to Human Resources Development Canada for the development of Mentoring for Business Organizations, and is Contributing Author of the informative networking book, The Power of Women United as well as co-author (alongside Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Dennis Waitley and 18 others) of Stepping Stones to Success, a book on strategies for mastering business, life and relationships.

The Breaking Your Career Glass Ceiling Program

The Breaking Your Career Glass Ceiling core content includes 8 modules of virtual (online and phone-based) training with Linda Cattelan including access to audio recordings, handouts and transcripts. And if you sign up for the Fast Track option, you also get 4 "LIVE" Q&A Coaching & Mentoring Calls, 3 private coaching sessions with Linda and so much more. There is even 2 bonus calls. For more information on what's included in the "Do It Yourself Option" and the "Fast Track Option" please see below.


  • Defining and measuring career success

  • Understanding your values vs your goals

  • Envisioning your career and your full potential

  • Goal setting and career planning


  • Becoming a "Careerprenuer"

  • Understanding your current mindset and ensuring you have a "success" mindset

  • Determining and releasing your limiting belief systems

  • Building confidence in yourself and your capabilities


  • Self-awareness – What do you know about yourself?

  • Perception is reality – How do others perceive you?

  • What makes a "Star" Performer today?

  • Standing out amongst your peers

  • Creating a "brand" you can be proud of


  • Building rapport, charisma and interpersonal communication skills

  • Developing organizational awareness and savvy

  • Networking within and outside your organization

  • Nurturing business relationships to go the distance


  • Managing your boss, your direct reports, peers and other key stakeholders

  • Developing and growing your people

  • Developing strategic thinking capabilities

  • Increase your ability to communicate more strategically

  • Plugging into the organization's hidden hierarchy


  • What it takes to build followership

  • Why and how to be a good follower yourself

  • Knowing the difference between support and sponsorship

  • Building career advocates and sponsorship


  • Time and Task Management

  • Personal Effectiveness vs Efficiency

  • Self Leadership – contribution and significance


  • Taking the necessary steps to move forward into action

The Breaking Your Career Glass Ceiling Program Bonus Collection



This report includes 7 strategies to help you regain control and make a huge difference in your career. Stop spinning your wheels, it's time to take charge and control the chaos in your career or in your life.



A guided meditation to release stress and overwhelm



An audio recording on taking control of your own career in times of uncertainty

Breaking Your Career Glass Ceiling

What you'll get with the Breaking Your Career Glass Ceiling Program:

Here’s what’s included in each program option:

Do It Yourself Option

Fast Track Option

8 Break Through Training Modules

Eight 60-75 minute recorded calls. Replay recordings are available to listen to as often as you like.

Transcripts, Handouts and Unlimited Access to All Replay Recordings

All training modules are recorded and transcribed, so you’ll have unlimited access to all recorded calls so you can listen to the recording or read the information whenever you like, as often as you like.

Breaking Your Career Glass Ceiling BONUS Collection


Bonus #2 - RELEASE STESS & OVERWHELM MP3 (Audio Guided Meditation)

Bonus #3 - CAREER RESILIENCE MP3 (Audio Workshop)

2 BONUS Calls

Two 60 minute bonus calls:

  1. "Getting Beyond Overwhelm"
  2. "Boosting Career Confidence"
A Personalized "Step Up Your Career" Plan

Through 3 private one on one 50 minute coaching sessions, Linda will coach and mentor you personally to:

  1. Identify career possibilities and your personal roadmap
  2. Get unstuck and well positioned for your next opportunity
  3. Take motivated action to get you to the next level or step in your career
4 “LIVE” Q&A Coaching & Mentoring Calls

Four 60 minute scheduled group calls to answer all your career related questions, get you motivated and energized about your career or to simply provide you with a sounding board for your most heartfelt career related issues and opportunities

Email Support Throughout The Program

You’ll be able to get all your personal career related questions answered by Linda herself throughout the program duration.


Total Value:



Your Investment:

(Pay in Full Price)
(plus applicable taxes)

3 monthly payments of $347

(plus applicable taxes)

(Pay in Full Price)
(plus applicable taxes)

3 monthly payments of $697

(plus applicable taxes)

What Career Professionals Say About
Linda Cattelan's Coaching and Training Programs

"I have to say I have learned so much in four weeks about building rapport with people in general, and peers more specifically. I truly look at people differently; looking for and finding their strengths and skills, without just looking at what I perceive they don’t have. The practical applications of everything discussed over the last month has been sometimes challenging but totally worthwhile. Linda is an amazing coach!"
- B.L. Senior Manager

"As a mentor and coach, Linda has provided me with support to refine my strengths and develop my leadership capabilities. Since I started working under Linda’s guidance and coaching, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my communication style and my ability to impact and influence key stakeholders. Linda’s candid and constructive feedback is always shared in the spirit of encouragement and growth. She is intrinsically motivated and dedicated to helping people reach their full potential. I confidently recommend Linda to anyone who is eager to achieve higher performance both personally and professionally."
- R.C. Director

"Linda is a great inspiration to me as a dynamic leader of people as well as focused and visionary. She provided valuable direction and guidance through several very successful projects and initiatives that I held leadership accountability for. In addition, Linda's on-going mentorship has been extremely valuable to me towards a successful career and life."
- C.A. Senior Manager

"Wow! Very useable and extremely powerful learning. Linda was great! Her knowledge, experience and understanding clearly came through and her enthusiasm and passion for the content was truly contagious. I really like the pace of the workshop and the high impact interactive exercises really helped to clarity the concepts. Everyone left the workshop with lots of great information."
- J.M. Vice President

"I have taken several of Linda's training programs over the years. I learn something new every time I study with her. She is amazing at teaching you information in a way that has relevance to what you need in your career or business."
- C.M. President/CEO

"Linda presented to a group of People Managers on the Topic of "Networking Secrets and Branding Yourself". This was a great presentation and the group was fully engaged during Linda’s presentation. The group participated in a Networking Quiz, reviewed Networking Facts, beliefs about Networking, developing powerful questions and the 30 Second Elevator Speech. We also did an exercise in Rapport Building and set our goals for networking. This was an extremely valuable session and I want to thank Linda for sharing her wealth of knowledge."
- S.B. Senior Manager

"I was fortunate enough to have Linda as a career coach. She added value from the start and within a few months I was promoted to a dream job. Linda provided guidance and supported me through the entire process. Thank you Linda!"
- R.F. Senior Manager

"Linda has provided excellent services to our Retail Executives on a variety of coaching techniques. The senior Executives who had the pleasure of utilizing this service spoke very highly of Linda's approach, professionalism and overall results achieved by the Coaching exercises."
- B.M. Executive Vice President

"The coffee shop wasn't very full that day, but the energetic woman sitting at the table filled the room with her engaging smile. Little did I know how this first of several meetings would positively change my professional career. Linda's expert knowledge of people interactions gave me a fresh perspective on how I could work so much better with peers, executives, and employees. Her engaging personality simply made learning her message content that much more interesting. I heartily recommend Linda Cattelan to any business professional looking to improve on their potential.
- B.L. Senior Manager

Your Questions Answered...

Why this group mentoring and training program?

Plain and simple: Too many smart career professionals are struggling to get to the next level, to break their own glass ceiling of success and recognition.

And we thought it was time to make sure you get the coaching, mentoring and tools you need to become a star performer at work and get the success and recognition you deserve.

Where is the training located?

This 8 module webinar series is entirely virtual – no travel required. You'll attend the "live" sessions from the comfort of your own home or office by dialing in via phone, Skype or internet webcast. And you'll have unlimited access to all the recordings to listen and relisten to as often as you wish.

What is a virtual course?

It's a great way to engage live group training from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a phone line. We use instant tele-seminar to make it just like an in-person event, where you can ask questions, participate and deepen your exploration of the themes in each group training module.

Please note that dialing instant tele-seminar from your phone may incur long-distance charges. You can also use Skype credit/subscription. Other options include calling cards, discount long-distance carriers or you can use a webcast which is FREE to use from anywhere in the world.

When does the group mentoring and training take place?

The DIY (Do it Yourself) option starts anytime you wish to begin. All modules are pre-recorded for your convenience. There are also handouts and transcripts available to make the whole training process simple and easy for you to do it yourself. Like the DIY option, the Fast Track option can be started at any time. As a Fast Track partcipant, there are 4 "LIVE" Q&A calls scheduled so that you can benefit not only from Linda herself but also from other career professionals who are going through the program. As a Fast Track participant you also get 3 one on one private coaching sessions with Linda. .

What do I get when I sign up for this program?

You will get access to the entire library of call recordings, handouts, and transcripts for your personal use. You'll get the 3 Bonuses in the Bonus Collection. You'll also get the 2 Bonus Calls. If you signed up for the Fast Track Option, you will also get invitations to all 4 "LIVE" Q&A Coaching & Mentoring Calls as well as a link to schedule your 3 private one on one coaching sessions with Linda.

What's the investment?

For more information click here

A Note from Linda Cattelan:

The sobering truth is that it took me 26 years of climbing the corporate ladder in addition to many years of specialized undergraduate and graduate business education to learn how to become a super star in the workplace and achieve tremendous success.

The good news is that you don't need to take that long to get the necessary knowledge and tools to create a thriving and progressive career.

I created the Breaking Your Career Glass Ceiling Program as a comprehensive "fast track" program to give you everything you need for a fraction of the cost and in far less time.

If you want to leverage my success, and avoid years of trial and error, then I would be honored to show you the most effective strategies and tools I have learned.

I'm looking forward to mentoring you!

Linda Cattelan MBA
Executive & Career Coach